My journey started in the corporate world, where I spent 15 years mastering the art of blending in, but feeling utterly out of place. 

Let me guess, you're in yet another meeting (that could have been an email) nodding along, but your heart's not in it.

You keep daydreaming about a life where you're the boss, where you wake up feeling fulfilled and purpose driven.

You want to build a life for yourself and your family where you're not just earning a living but making a meaningful difference, all while being unapologetically you.

You crave something that sets your soul on fire. You want to create the life and coaching business of your dreams! 

You also aren't sure where to even start or how to do it. You want support and to learn from someone who can truly relate to you and your journey. 

I want you to know that see you and I understand how you feel because I was exactly where you are.

I also want you to know you that this dream life you seek, is closer to reality that you think. 

It gives me chills thinking about how incredible your future will be when you make the choice to live life on your terms and follow your true calling! 

Know this: there's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more for your life and daring to step beyond society's narrow view of an "acceptable" career. 

Forget trying to fit into someone else's vision and mold for your life. It's time to dream even bigger and create a reality that's as limitless and fabulous as you are.

You're destined for something truly extraordinary beyond the 9-5 grind. And I am here to guide you every step of the way! 

After 15 years in the corporate world of global sales and strategy management, I've done it all – from working at Fortune 500 companies to playing a key role in scaling businesses to billion-dollar IPOs. This experience taught me invaluable lessons about high-level achievement and the what it takes to succeed.

However, like I am sure you can relate, despite my outward success, my work felt increasingly transactional, lacking the deeper impact and personal fulfillment I craved.

For years I battled feelings of emptiness, knowing my career path wasn't my true calling. I wasn't making the type of impact on lives that I knew I was made for.

I remember the Sunday evenings, the sinking feeling in my stomach, dreading another week of putting on a brave face, while inside, I was screaming for a change.

I saw my dreams collecting dust, as I became increasingly disillusioned with the corporate ladder that promised fulfillment but left me feeling more lost.

I let fear hold me back for over a decade– fear of failing on my own, fear of others' judgments, fear of stepping into the unknown world outside of corporate.  

hi there! 

I'm Amanda!

and then one day...

I understand how you feel,
because I've been there ...

After years of suppressing those feelings, I reached a breaking point. I knew that living out of alignment with my soul was no longer an option.

I knew deep down that ignoring my dreams, pushing aside my true calling, just wasn’t cutting it anymore. That constant, nagging voice in my head kept saying I was meant for so much more than the 9-to-5 corporate grind.

It was more than just discomfort; it was a deep need for something more fulfilling, something more 'me'. 

I reached a point where I was just done. Done waiting on those underwhelming annual raises. You know the kind – where someone else decides your worth, putting a cap on your financial potential. I yearned for true financial freedom, the freedom to set my own income, the no limits kind.

I finally made a choice – a choice to bet on myself. A choice to follow that feeling deep in my soul (the feeling you have right now) to finally choose me and my dreams. I finally said, YES to the life and business I had been dreaming about. 

Living life on someone else's terms?
That wasn't for me anymore.

So, I grabbed fear by the hand, took the leap, and gave my two weeks notice. I finally did it, I chose myself and my dreams and I left the corporate world.

I still remember how nerve wracking and exciting it was all at the same time, but I knew in my heart I made the right decision. 

I’ll be honest – it wasn't easy. Even though I had a vision, a dream, and an idea of how to start a business, it quickly became clear that I was more lost and out of my depths than I realized.

So I dove headfirst into every online course I could find for new businesses, read countless books on entrepreneurship, and invested a small fortune learning from the world's top business experts.

Despite all this, guess what? I still hit roadblock after roadblock. It was like gathering pieces of a giant puzzle, but not really knowing how they fit together or if they even made sense for me and the business and life I wanted to create.

then i hit send...

Are you ready to say YES to your future and create the life and coaching business of your dreams?

My dream was to work from literally anywhere – home, a serene mountain retreat, or right by the beach. No more asking for permission, no more fitting my life around a rigid schedule strapped to my desk all day. I wanted to work on my terms, when it felt right for me, not because it was dictated by someone else.

I wanted and knew I deserved to have financial freedom and no longer have to wait for a raise or a promotion to earn more. I knew my worth and was no longer settling for anything less. 

And beyond everything else, I wanted my work and my life to really mean something. To discover my life purpose, reconnect with my soul and live out the life I'd been dreaming of every single day.

The life I knew I could create if I just took a chance on me. 

Hindsight is indeed 20/20, and when I think back to the day I handed in my two-week notice, I can't help but wish I had found the right support for my journey from corporate life to building my business.

I needed more than just ambition, books and general business advice; I needed a solid plan, a strategy and a support system that truly understood me and my very unique journey. 

Having a coach from the start, someone who had not only successfully achieved what I aspired to but also truly understood the corporate identity and what it feels like to be in that world, would have been a tremendous game-changer.

i needed a plan...

YES, show me how!

And that's exactly why I created Vibrant Babe Official. It's for women just like you and I – women who dream of leaving the corporate world but don't quite know how to start. It’s a sanctuary where you can feel safe, valued, and a sense of true belonging, something that might have been missing in your corporate role.

Here, at Vibrant Babe Official, your dreams aren’t just heard; they’re respected, celebrated and nurtured.
This is a place where you can openly share your aspirations without the fear of being dismissed or not taken seriously.

It's a community where you get to work with and learn from someone who has already achieved what you're aiming for – someone who understands the emotional rollercoaster of this transition, who genuinely wants to see you succeed.

I’ve walked this same path you're on, felt those same feelings, and now, I’m committed to guiding women like you through this transformative journey.

I'm here now – to be that coach for you, the one I needed back then.

you belong here

your time is now

Girl, let's be real for a moment.

You've got that fire in your soul, telling you there's something bigger out there for you.

And guess what? You're absolutely right...

That feeling in your gut is your intuition nudging you towards something completely amazing! 

 If you're ready to start turning those coaching dreams into a reality,
I've got something special just for you.

Work With Me

I’ve created something special just for you: an exclusive private coaching program tailored to your unique journey and dreams. 

It’s personalized, it’s intimate, and it’s all about transforming your 'one day' into ‘day one.’

Are you ready to wave goodbye to the corporate world, create financial freedom, work from anywhere, all while living aligned with your true purpose? 

Vibrant Babe Business Academy® is the bridge from your unfulfilling 9-5 to creating the life and soul aligned business of your dreams!

This isn't just about leaving the corporate world; it's about creating a legacy designed by you, for you.

This program is your north star, offering a proven step-by-step roadmap to transition from your current corporate position to confidently submitting your two weeks' notice.   

So, if you're dreaming of leaving behind your 9-5 to create a life and business that truly lights you up, let's work together to make that dream a reality.

tell me more!

You're invited to join


Take a chance and watch as the universe aligns to support your journey towards greatness

It's your time to shine, to chase what sets your soul on fire, and to make jaw-dropping money while you're at it.

This is your moment to live unapologetically, authentically,
and abundantly.

What I'm 


I am loving honoring my boundaries. If it doesn't feel right, the answer is no. If it doesn't make me happy, I'm simply not going to do it. Boundaries are an incredible form of self love and self-care. When we respect and honor ourselves we teach others to do the same. 

What I'm 


You can't help others if you don't take care of yourself. There is nothing more important than your emotional, physical and mental well being. Self-care is an absolute necessity. You will be amazed by what happens when you put yourself first.

What I'm 

not about

I'm not about conforming to society's narrow definitions of success or living up to anyone else's expectations of what a 'good' career or life should look like. It's time to break free from those limitations and create a life on your own terms.

what I


I believe that we all have a special purpose and something remarkable to share with the world. Something that is unique to us. We are one of one and that is our superpower. When we have the right mindset and support around us anything is possible! 


Take a chance and watch as the universe aligns to support your journey towards greatness

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